Our polypropylene products are used for FIBC production and for following purposes:

Industrial textiles

  • Landscape textiles for road construction. Width up to 4,5 m and capacity 15–70 kN/m;
  • Steam and water protection in rolls (laminated polypropylene fabric width 1,5 m in 50 m rolls) applied for floor, roof and curtain wall construction.

Polypropylene Tape

  • applied in tow cable production;
  • textile straps for goods packing.

Tape width 8–100 mm, tensile strength up to 40 kN.



Polypropylene yarns

PP fibrillated yarns are applied for sewing bags, containers and other products on chain stitched sewing machines. Linear density is 800–6000 DEN (90–670 Tex), twisted or non twisted, supplied on bobbins.

Our polypropylene products have extra high mechanical strength and are UV stabilized, which is not applicable to most of the similar materials on the plastic products market.