Flexible bulk container FIBC L2
  • FIBC L2
  • FIBC L2 top spout
  • FIBC L2 bottom spout
  • FIBC L2 top spout, bottom spout
  • FIBC L2 top fold
  • FIBC L2 top fold, bottom spout

Container with sewed on loops.

Applied for packing chemicals, nonferrous metals, polymers, pigments, hydrocarbon black, sulphur, ferro alloys, food items. Suitable for packing the whole range of powder, granulated, particle-sized and piece goods.

Loading/discharging parts modifications

We produce these containers in different variations: with top fold, top and bottom spout, and with taper bottom. Standard liner or liner with top / bottom spout goes with in addition. We produce these containers of laminated fabric as well.