Straps across the angle

Flexible bulk container L4
  • FIBC L4
  • FIBC L4 upper hatch
  • FIBC L4 bottom spout
  • FIBC L4 top spout, bottom spout
  • FIBC L4 top fold
  • FIBC L4 top fold, bottom spout

Container with sewed on belt loops. Containers of this type are best for costly goods, for the transportations with several loading-discharging operations, for exported goods.

For the following types of goods: powder, granulated, particle-sized (35-40 mm size) goods.

Loading/discharging parts modifications

We make these containers in following modifications: top cover, top fold, top spout, with straps, combined in two, with taper bottom, with bottom spout (depending on Customer’s requirements).

Standard liner or liner with top/bottom spout goes with in addition. Could be made of laminated fabric.